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Cover: Heavenly Kisses

Determine the roles in: “Heavenly Kisses”

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Main female character
Marie, the heroine; a young woman who owns an art gallery; has major financial problems; a stranger called Eros unexpectedly comes to her rescue; sometime later Marie finds herself in a Heavenly City where she meets her soulmate
Main male character
Oliver, the hero; an angel; he and Marie fall in love with each other when Marie is in the Heavenly City; before the two of them are allowed to live together they have to pass a rigorous test; they pass the test and live happily together by the end of the story
The main femal character's best friend
Sabine, Marie’s best friend; extremely attractive young lady; has been going out with Mark for the past two years; she cares deeply for Marie; is wary of Oliver at first, until she, too, grows fond of him
The best friend's boyfriend
Mark, Sabine’s boyfriend; a pleasant young lawyer; he and Oliver meet through Marie; he likes Marie; very kind and loves his girlfriend
Paradise Town
Maledives, The Heavenly City where Marie and Oliver first met and fell in love with each other

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The young and pretty Marie with blond hair and blue eyes likes the colour red and the perfume Roses. She is the owner of a small art gallery in London. Unfortunately she is not very successful, but her pet George and her best friend Sabine give her comfort. Already for two years Sabine is happy with Mark, a young lawyer. Marie also dreams of having a lover when all of a sudden she meets Cupid in person. He invites her to Maledives where she becomes acquainted with Oliver, a grey-haired angel with brown eyes who wears a beautiful blue suit and smells of Cool Water. They fall in love, but before the happy end when they call each other Sweetheart and Baby, take Marie's BMW to go to her favourite pub Tambosi and listen to Robbie Williams, they have to overcome great difficulties.