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Cover: The Curse of Darkmoon Castle

Determine the roles in: “The Curse of Darkmoon Castle”

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Female main character
Angela Blackwell (21st century), an attractive journalist with long, flowing hair; works for a small London newspaper; is asked to interview the handsome, aristocratic bachelor Alistair Bloodworth and thereby spend three days at his estate, Darkmoon Castle, in order to write an exclusive story about him; is suddenly afflicted by dreams and visions which become increasingly significant; both Kathleen Montgomery and Roderick Bloodworth appear in those dreams; due to her physical resemblance to Kathleen, she suspects that she is connected to the castle’s dark history in a fateful way; since she has fallen in love with Alistair, she stays at the castle and tracks down the secret of the Bloodworth family; in the end the curse is broken, and Angela and Alistair become a couple.
Male main character
Alistair Bloodworth (21st century), an attractive yuppie of about 40; computer tycoon and one of Great Britain’s most influential businessmen; does not divulge information to Angela about the mysterious events at the castle; falls in love with her and needs to get together with her to break the curse on the Bloodworths, which he succeeds in doing at the end.
Elfin floating woman
Kathleen Montgomery (18th century), very beautiful young woman, slender, long hair; uncanny resemblance to Angela Blackwell; had a secret affair with William Bloodworth in the 18th century; threw herself from the cliffs because of grief when she had to watch William being pushed over the cliffs by his jealous brother, Roderick; her remains were not found; appears to Angela several times as a figure of light seeking help, or as an elfin floating woman in a dark-blue dress.
Ancestor of the male main character
William Bloodworth (18th century), Alistair’s ancestor and brother of Roderick Bloodworth; the son of Anthony Bloodworth; had an affair with Kathleen Montgomery against his father’s will in the 18th century; was pushed off the cliffs and killed by his own brother.
Brother of the ancestor of the male main character
Roderick Bloodworth (18th-21st century), William Bloodworth' brother; second son of Anthony Bloodworth; unattractive: skull with sunken eyes and pale skin; thus no luck with women; is laughed at because of his ugliness; was in love with Kathleen and emotionally suffered from his brother’s relationship with her; wanted to bewitch Kathleen and force her to love him using supernatural power; one stormy night Roderick pushes William over the cliffs; he is then cursed by his father, Anthony, to wander restlessly at Darkmoon Castle for all time; appears to Angela as a fearsome monster.
Father of the ancestor of the male main character
Sir Anthony Bloodworth (18th century), father of William and Roderick Bloodworth; arrogant aristocrat, but a righteous man; is against the relationship between William and Kathleen because she is a commoner, but would not have willed Kathleen's death for anything in the world; the death of his beloved son William breaks his heart; curses his murderous son Roderick before he dies himself for having taken the couple’s lives.
Great-great grandfather of the male main character
James Bloodworth (18th century), Anthony Bloodworth' brother; Alistair’s great-great-great grandfather; adopts Darkmoon Castle after the death of his brother; small role.
Chief of Police
Peter Carter (21st century), Police Chief of Darkmoon; red hair and red chin-beard; a little plump; at first appears uninterested in Angela's research on the haunted Darkmoon Castle; surprisingly comes to Angela’s help at the end, but is bitten by Roderick and bleeds to death.
Boss of the female main character
Mr Bill Harrolds (21st century), Angela’s newspaper boss; about 40 but acts older; plump, full beard; sedate English dandy; always struggling for the survival of his small daily newspaper due to the tough competition of the large London newspapers.
Old Lady
Agatha Lumley (21st century), old lady who lives in Darkmoon; small stature, snow-white hair, old, wrinkled face, green eyes; her ancestor was a housekeeper for the Bloodworth family; likes to drink red wine in the Darkmoon pub; sweet and kind; gives Angela valuable information on her fateful entanglement in Darkmoon Castle’s history; is lonely and tells ghost and witchcraft stories to every tourist in the pub; not taken seriously by the villagers.
Cat of the female main character
Mr Bean (21st century), Angela's cat in her London apartment.

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When the London journalist Angela Blackwell is asked by her boss Bill Harolds to write an exclusive story about an aristocratic bachelor called Alistair Bloodworth, she seizes the opportunity, leaving her black cat Mr Bean behind in London, and travels to Alistair Bloodworth’s estate near the town of Darkmoon. From the beginning, she is fascinated by Alistair; she is also smitten by his brown eyes and Armani fragrance. However, it soon becomes apparent that things are not as they should be at Darkmoon Castle. In dreams and visions, Angela is haunted by two figures: the ghost of Kathleen Montgomery, William Bloodworth’s erstwhile lover, and the creepy Roderick. As a half-decayed corpse, the latter is at work at the castle, which Alistair has inherited from his ancestors Sir Anthony and James Bloodworth. Angela slowly gets wise to her fate as she even recognises the striking resemblance between herself and Kathleen: They both have pale-blue eyes and blonde hair. They also like to wear dark-blue dresses. Mrs Agatha Lumley, an old lady in Darkmoor, and Peter Carter, the local police constable, come to the journalist’s aid; she enchanted the young aristocrat with her Chanel perfume long ago.