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Cover: Safari

Determine the roles in: “Safari”

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Female main character 1 – Professor
Dr. Patricia Johnson, lovingly called Patty by her best friend Charlotte; successful young lecturer in African Studies at Munich University; travels to the Ovahimba territory in Namibia as part of a research project to research her first book on the Kaokoveld: very intelligent, but an extremely introverted woman; has had bad experiences with men and is therefore unsure in her dealings with them; she finds it very hard to build trust in the opposite sex; often feels ugly and clumsy compared to her best and very attractive friend; against all odds finds the gruff, unfriendly Edward attractive but does not think she stands a chance; not yet ready for a new relationship; there is a confrontation between her and Charlotte because of him as a result of misunderstanding; but their friendship is so strong that they are reconciled after a short time.
Female main character 2 – Photographer
Charlotte Smith, nickname Charly; has known Patricia since their university days; an extremely beautiful, confident woman and very successful when it comes to men; the exact opposite of her best friend Patricia; does not need to work since her family is wealthy; wastes her talent as a photographer; only travels to Africa because she is asked to do the photographs for Patricia's book; must first get used to life in Africa; still succeeds in looking like a model of a fashion magazine and turning the heads of all the men even in the wilderness; she meets Lord James Sullivan, who immediately falls in love with her at the airport before leaving Munich; also feels attracted to him, although the blue-blooded Englishman isn’t really her type; the ending hints at a future for the romance between the two.
The two friends' favourite coffee shop
Café Lavazzo, coffee shop regularly visited by the two friends (with outside patio area and sun umbrellas).
Male supporting character 1 – German-speaking guide
Edward White, unapproachable, brusque leader of the Africa expedition; loves Africa and the feeling of freedom; tall and bulky; deep, rough voice; longish, somewhat unkempt hair; weather-beaten face; some animalistic traits, partly strong masculine self-awareness; the only one immune to Charlotte's physical attributes; has spent time in jail for smuggling; works together with the Angolan police – which he does not reveal to the two women; has fallen in love with Patricia and tries to get close to her in a romantic scene involving the two of them but does not get far as a result of her bad experience; rescues the two women from the clutches of unscrupulous diamond smugglers; at a party after their return home, Patricia hints that she might possibly go on another expedition with Edward.
Male supporting character 2 – English treasure hunter
James Sullivan, English Lord; fulfils every cliché of the charming colonial gentleman: well mannered, good looking, slim body; very fine facial features; marble white skin; smokes; daydreamer; is on a treasure hunt in Namibia on his last adventure before he has to take over his father’s legal practice; originally employed Edward White for himself alone; accidentally overhears that Patricia and Charlotte have been let down by their hired guide; spontaneously asks the two women to join his expedition; is already flirting with Charlotte at the airport and gets closer to her during the expedition (they kiss at the campfire).
Local guide
August, charming, local guide, half Ovahimba, half American; is hired by Edward for the two women as an insider to the Ovahimba culture; accompanies them to the Kunene River because he is familiar with the area; speaks perfect English; very small part
Spanish diamond smuggler
Miguel Santiago, half-brother of Frank Santiago; Spaniard; but also speaks Afrikaans, English and German well; is of slight build; black hair; dark skin; oval attractive face; narrow, cold anthracite-coloured eyes; brutal and cold-blooded diamond smuggler; is a sleazy macho creep and abducts Patricia and Charlotte to the Skeleton Coast when they stumble in on one of his deals; is arrested at the end.
The diamond smuggler’s half-brother and helper
Frank Santiago, Miguel's half-brother; speaks broken Afrikaans and German; a man of sturdy build; referred to as ‘the giant’; belongs to the Herero tribe on his mother’s side and calls himself ‘Hosea’ by his Herero name; good-natured and less unscrupulous than his brother; treated badly by Miguel Santiago and must do all his dirty work for him; Charlotte easily manages to win him over and is not sorry at the end when he avoids arrest and is able to flee.
Ex-boyfriend of the photographer
Walter, Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend, whom she has just left because the relationship was not a happy one and he was unfaithful to her; only referred to briefly

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They are best friends. Patricia Johnson (Patty), with her brown hair and brown eyes has brains – she is a researcher. Charlotte Smith, on the other hand, with her blonde hair and blue eyes is the beauty – watching the world through the lens of her camera, turning the men's heads wherever she goes. Charly, who likes violet clothing, smells delightfully of Rosewater and only needs to sign with the first letter of her name, ‘c’, has recently left her boyfriend, Walter. At the two friends’ favourite coffee shop, Café Lavazzo in Munich, they decide to embark on a tour of the Ovahimba territory in Namibia to do research on one of the last remaining, indigenous tribes. They are supported by Edward White, with his light brown hair and brown eyes, as well as by Lord James Sullivan, an English gentleman with grey hair and green eyes. The local guide, , is also part of the group. However, what starts out as an investigative journey of discovery becomes the adventure of a lifetime for the two young women soon. They must defend themselves against the sadistic diamond smuggler, Miguel Santiago, and his sidekick, Frank Santiago, as well as keep cool heads in spite of various amorous entanglements.