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Cover: The missing Madonna

Determine the roles in: “The missing Madonna”

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Main female character
Susan Strathmore, society journalist who writes her own column; lives in London; aristocratic, but does not like being reminded about her past; her parents died in a plane crash, and her brother George is still missing; when she ends up being the victim of an intrusive gossip journalist, she withdraws to a secluded mountain village in the Scottish highlands for a few days; single; shares a flat with Karen; eventually finds a good friend in Baron Martin de Burgh.
Main male character
Baron Martin de Burgh initially puts Susan in an embarrassing situation; then follows her to the village to apologise, but also because he has information for her about her brother, whom she had assumed dead; the relatively cool relationship between himself and Susan at the beginning of the book ultimately turns into a good friendship; the baron frequently displays signs of affection, but whether this will develop into a romantic relationship remains open in the end...
Guesthouse owner of main female character
Angela Green, owner of the small guesthouse in which Susan stays during her holiday; very friendly, elderly lady who takes a liking to Susan in no time at all; convinced that the Madonna protects their village and when the statue is stolen, fears disaster is looming; in charge of the church nativity play.
Guesthouse owner’s son
Scott Green, Angela's son; earthy young man, who still displays signs of his mischievous youth; in the end, he is revealed as the Madonna thief; wants to prove that superstition has no basis.
Guesthouse owner’s daughter-in-law
Kelly Green, Scott’s wife; initially somewhat overbearing, but when her son Arthur leaves home and threatens to end up in the snowstorm, the worried mother starts searching for him on her own; in so doing, she injures herself, but in the end finds herself safely back with her family.
Guesthouse owner’s grandson
Arthur Green, Kelly and Scott’s son; teenager; he and his friends Patrick and Jonathan are under suspicion of having stolen the Madonna; consequently, he leaves home and hides at Patrick’s place; eventually saves his mother from the snowstorm.
Guesthouse owner's granddaughter
Nancy Green, Kelly and Scott's young daughter; finds the stolen Madonna by chance.
Guesthouse owner’s daughter
Ruth Green, Angela's daughter; Scott’s sister; is secretly engaged to the actor Mark Walther; as Mum Angela has had a bad experience with an actor, Ruth initially keeps Mark's profession and their relationship with each other to herself.
Famous actor
Mark Walther, famous British actor and Ruth’s secret fiancé; lives at the B&B over Christmas; pretends to be trading in art, which is why he is under suspicion as well; an extremely obscure character at first; towards the end, he is well-liked and celebrates his wedding with Ruth.
Best friend of the guesthouse owner’s grandson
Patrick Carter, Arthur’s best friend; hides Arthur in the stables and helps look for Kelly.
Best friend’s father
Roger Carter, Patrick's single parent, following the death of his wife.
Reverend Turner, vicar of the small village community.
Vicar’s housekeeper
Irene, the vicar’s housekeeper; very small role.
Photographer and friend of female main character
Eric, photographer; Susan’s friend and colleague.
Friend of main character
Karen, Susan’s friend and flatmate.
Sara Stern, actress and good friend of Susan's; small role.
Actress' fiancé
Christian, Sara Stern's fiancé; very small role.
Brother of main female character
George Strathmore, Susan’s brother who has been missing since the plane crash fourteen years ago; Susan finds out from the baron that her brother is still alive and eventually contacts him; doesn’t appear in person; as the baron connects the two on the basis of their identical names, George should have the same surname as Susan.
Dog of main female character
Trotzki, Susan’s Labrador cross; adored by all children.
A girl in the village
Nicole, girl from the village who takes part in the nativity play; very small role.
Another girl in the village
Lisa, also involved in the nativity play, very small role.
A friend of the guesthouse owner’s grandson
Jonathan, Arthur and Patrick's friend; very small role.

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Susan Strathmore is a journalist on a tabloid magazine. At a celebrity party also frequented by the actress Sara Stern and her fiancé Christian, she meets brown-eyed, dark brown haired Baron Martin de Burgh, who promptly gets her into a precarious situation. To escape the curiosity of the gossip press, Susan goes away over Christmas. Her colleague, Eric, recommends Angela Green’s guesthouse in a small Scottish village. Baron Martin de Burgh finds out about this from Karen and follows Susan in his black BMW. Not only does he want to see her again because of her beautiful blue-grey eyes and light blonde hair, he also knows something about her missing brother George Strathmore. While at the nativity play on Christmas Eve, which also features the children Arthur Green, Patrick Carter, Jonathan, Nicole and Lisa, the Madonna statue, which apparently keeps watch over the village, goes missing. Mark Walther, who in actual fact is Ruth Green’s secret fiancé, is suspected of the deed. Roger Carter’s son Patrick and Arthur Green are also under suspicion. Not least thanks to little Nancy and Susan’s dog Trotzki, Scott Green is finally exposed as the thief. But before making his way to Father Turner and the housekeeper Irene, he must first save his wife Kelly from a snowstorm…