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Cover: The Night of the Vampire

Determine the roles in: “The Night of the Vampire”

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Main female character
Moira Summersby, a young, good-looking American theatre director; haunted by weird dreams in which she tries to seduce the demon Rudzio in the form of a strange man. She and Alan are attracted towards each other but they must overpower the demon before they finally come together (two discreet love scenes!).
Main male character
Alan Longleave, author of the play 'Dracula'; comes from London; slim with uniform features, falls in love with Moira instantly; a couple of years older than her; member of the Knights Templar order which is committed to fighting non-human evil forces; finally overpowers the demon Rudzio.
American producer
Michael Brodery, American Broadway producer; handsome, charming man of about fifty; smoker; maintains a very good, cordial relationship with Moira; had a secret affair with Susan (no love scenes!) and is deeply affected by her death.
Assistant to the main female character
Marilyn Cartwright, Moira's assistant; British national; in her early thirties, lean and tall; wears a ponytail; hates cigarette smoke; admires Moira and wants to be and look like her; accuses Henry of murdering Susan and gets slapped for it; ultimately turns out that Marilyn was in love with Susan and had stabbed Henry in her desperation; her sense of guilt finally drives her to suicide (jumps off the wall!).
Canadian musician
Brian Blue, composer and musician from Canada; dark-skinned and short; white beard and head full of hair; friendly character; Moira’s old friend.
Actor couple
Susan Baker, American actress; dark hair and pale complexion; deep voice; thin and curved nose, with the air and grace of a star; her marriage to her husband was only on paper; has a secret affair with Michael, wants to make it public and leave her husband but is found dead a little later. Henry Baker, American actor; hot-tempered; light coloured hair; dark circles around the eyes and puffy face; drinker, is suspected of killing his wife Susan but is found dead a little later with a knife in his back; ultimately, it turns out that he was the only one who didn't fall prey to the demon but was stabbed by a desperate Marilyn.
American actress and best friend of the main female character
Jennifer McGowan, American actress; mid-twenties; very down to earth; hates Robert; Moira's best friend who resents the fact that Moira didn't tell her about her affair with Alan especially because Jennifer is also attracted to the author; the friends patch up quickly and team up against their common enemy - the man who appears in their dreams.
The dislikeable actor
Robert Brown, British actor; about thirty; thick, black eyebrows, pale skin; is supposed to play the Dracula in the play; notorious trouble maker; insensitive and often tactless.
Romanian actress
Melinda Juhasz, actress born in Romania; model and dancer; just twenty years old; quiet and shy; long hair; has a penchant for the paranormal; Rudzio also appears in her dreams; she succumbs to his charm and murders Susan under his influence; also tries to stab Alan; falls to her death in the end.

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The blonde-haired, blue-eyed Moira Summersby who wears Joop perfume, has invited her theatre troupe to a Transylvanian monastery. She falls in love with the dark-brown-haired, green-eyed British author Alan Longleave, who wears Cool Water aftershave. Before long, they start addressing each other as my love and sweetheart. Weird things start happening after they are cut off from the outside world. The American producer Michael Brodery has an affair with the actress Susan Baker, the first victim. The assistant Marilyn Cartwright immediately suspects Henry Baker. But then he gets killed as well. Everyone in the group must be on guard from now on. The musician Brian Blue, the actress Jennifer Mc Gowan, the dislikeable British actor Robert Brown or the young Romanian Melinda Juhasz - anyone could be the next victim of the sinister murderer.