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Cover: The Totem

Determine the roles in: “The Totem”

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Sam Lucas, office worker living near the Portobello Road; handsome, tall, athletic; university-educated; hates his job; meets Becca whilst jogging, forms an instant connection with her, buys a totem as a present for her; later meets her again as their mutual friend Roger has set them up on a blind date; Eve Simons interrupts their date and takes them to Hector Mannington, from whom they learn the totem is extremely valuable; stranded in South America with Becca when Jack hijacks the plane they are on; constantly pursued by various parties who want the totem; happy ending with Becca and the possibility of more adventures with Jack.
Becca Casey, piano teacher; moved to London from Somerset; resourceful, determined, has a playful side; collects odd things; sees Damien Raines kill a man, is almost herself killed by Raines but manages to escape; left with a paralysing fear of Raines; when Raines attacks her again, overcomes her fear in order to fight back and pushes him over a cliff.
Adventurous Archeologist
Jack Randolph, adventurous archaeologist; hard-edged, bold, uncompromising, short-tempered but ultimately good-hearted; experienced in combat and survival; wants to return the totem to the South American tribe that created it; to that end, hijacks a plane transporting the totem; Sam and Becca steal the totem from him and force him to act as their guide; eventually invites Sam and Becca to travel with him on future adventures.
Head of the British Antiquities Inspectorate and Enforcement Service
Sir Hector Mannington, head of the British Antiquities Inspectorate and Enforcement Service; small, dapper, kindly, courteous; wears spectacles; married; wants to give the totem to the British Museum; forces Sam and Becca to undergo a strip search when they claim not to have the totem; eventually allows Sam to trade the totem away for Becca’s safety.
Eve Simons, head of security for the British Antiquities Inspectorate and Enforcement Service; very strict, very serious, aggressive, mistrustful, vindictive, gives off an air of danger.
Roger, Sam and Becca’s mutual friend; arranges Sam and Becca’s first date; exhibitionist, has been charged with public nudity on multiple occasions; mentioned several times but never appears.

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Becca Casey, is a piano teacher who recently moved to London whereas Sam Lucas hates his office job. When they bump into each other one night they instantly feel a strong attraction towards each other. Becca with her bright green eyes and dark brown hair is the most beautiful girl Sam has ever seen. Becca also likes the stranger's looks that are highlighted by his brown eyes and brown hair. Spontaneously Sam buys her a very small but exotic looking carved Totem at Portobello market. Here the trouble begins. The British Museum’s Antiquities Enforcer Sir Hector Mannington and his coworker are not the only ones who want to take possession of the arcane object. The ruthless occultist Damien Raines also seems to have set his eyes on it. Becca and Sam, the two self-proclaimed detectives are determined to solve the mystery of the totem but soon find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for. Only barely escaping a murder attack they meet the hard-edged but ultimately good-hearted archeologist Jack Randolph who wants to return the totem to the tribe that credited it. Together they tumble into an adventure that leads them to the Jungle of South America where further mysteries already await. But wait, what does their friend Roger have to do with all of it?