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Cover: Death at Castle Spire

Determine the roles in: “Death at Castle Spire”

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The heroine
Jennifer Atkins, intelligent, organized, resourceful, hotelier and owner of Castle Spire; hopes to use the income from guest bookings to pay off inherited debt; quick-thinking and resourceful; sceptical about paranormal matters; university-educated; eventually solves the murders and exposes the killer.
the amateur detective
Christopher  Dupuis, world-famous amateur detective; despises wrongdoing; hint of French to his accent; ample build; old-fashioned dress sense; clashes with Daniel; first murder victim.
The female television presenter
Sarah King, television presenter (in partnership with Mike Young); pretending to be in a relationship with Mike Young; Jane Perez (incorrectly) suspects that she and Tim Perez are having an affair; works closely with Jennifer in an attempt to catch the murderer; second murder victim.
The male television presenter
Mike Young, television presenter (in partnership with Sarah King); pretending to be in a relationship with Sarah King; may in fact be in love with Sarah; very upset by Sarah’s death; physically strong.
The accountant
em>Pete Wilson, accountant; sarcastic; tends to poke fun at and rile up the other guests; accidental death; mistakenly thought to be the third murder victim.
The millionaire
Russell Anderson, husband of Sybil Anderson; accent suggests California; wears reading glasses; secretly hopes to buy Castle Spire; convinced that the murders are staged for a murder mystery game.
The millionaire's wife
Sybil Anderson, wife of Russell Anderson; like her husband, came to the castle as a prospective buyer and is convinced that the murders are staged.
The newlywed wife
Jane Perez, newlywed, on honeymoon with husband Tim Perez; mid-twenties; (incorrectly) suspects her husband of having an affair with Sarah King.
The newlywed husband
Tim Perez, newlywed, on honeymoon with wife Jane Perez; tall; handsome; slightly grumpy; work-from-home graphic designer; ex-gambling addict; secretly plays poker with Sarah King and is consequently suspected of having an affair with her.
The entertainer
Daniel Carter, storyteller and alleged psychic; has known Jennifer for a long time; hired by Jennifer to entertain her guests; clashes with Christopher, who plans to expose his psychic abilities as fraudulent; plays a vital role in exposing the murderer.
The history student
Alice Lee, history student; young; American; pale; not very physically strong; secretly related to Jennifer Atkins; murderer; displays some remorse.

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Jennifer Akins just barely keeps from tearing her blond hair. The castle the brown eyed woman inherited from her parents is burdened with a horrifying amount of debt. The only way to keep her ancestral home is to invite paying weekend guests. To entertain the group she hires Daniel Carter. So she welcomes an illustrious group of guests: Jane Perez and Tim Perez are newlyweds and want to spend their honeymoon at the castle. Sybil Anderson and Russell Anderson are already married for a long time. They are pretty well off whereas other guest have to work hard for their living, for example the accountant Pete Wilson. He likes to rile up the other guests while the black haired history student Alice Lee ist rather quiet. And then there are the TV reporters Sarah King and Mike Young who are hunting for ghosts. But it’s not ghosts that will be chasing after the guests, it’s a murderer. And his first victim is the world-famous amateur detective Christopher Dupuis who has light brown hair.