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Cover: Dark Omen

Determine the roles in: “Dark Omen”

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The orphan with a chip on her shoulder
Erusa, a self-reliant, hot-tempered girl who does not like to be part of a team. She is impulsive, quick to anger, and a fast runner. Erusa is distrustful of others ever since the death of her parents. Later on, she learns that her parents died as heroes saving their group from a saber-toothed bear. She then opens up to her friends and begins to trust them.
The sorcerer’s apprentice
Mickal, the earnest and even-tempered apprentice of the village’s sage. He has a hard time succeeding in actually doing magic, so he is afraid he’ll let his family and his teacher down. But, during their journey, Mickal is forced to do magic to help his friends—and he succeeds. At the end, he gains self-confidence and easily learns new magic.
The wall flower
Anette, a nice and loyal girl who is afraid of heights and is very jumpy. But, she also has some strengths, like her exceptional skill at throwing objects at enemies. In the end, she is the one who has to climb the inside of the volcano to retrieve the stone. Having mastered this task, she loses her paralyzing fear of heights. Arriving at home, she gains respect for her fearless actions and is treated like an adult.
The glory hound
Jalam, a confident but selfish boy who has a fiery temperament. He is very ambitious and sometimes acts heedlessly. Jalam feels overshadowed by his older brother, Henry (only mentioned), and wants to prove to himself and his family that he can be just as brilliant. During the quest, he realizes that his friends are more important than his aspiration of glory. When tempted, he chooses to save his friends rather than take the stone home on his own.
The big sister
Kiera, Erusa’s sister who lives with her. They are close, but even Kiera sometimes cannot reach out to her defiant sister. She talks with Erusa about the quest and encourages her to go with her friends. Small role.
The sage teacher
Benra, Mickal’s teacher, wise and patient. Small role.
The friendly dwarf magician
Volg, a dwarf who secretly practices magic and befriends Mickal. Together, they train using their magic, which proves very useful to Mickal in the last task that sets him and his friends free. He helps the leader of the dwarves see how it is better to change their ways.
The friendly dwarf who dreams of the surface
Nevien, a dwarf who dreams of seeing the outside world (the dwarfs live in an underground system of tunnels and caves) and builds a hidden tunnel to reach the surface. He befriends Jalam. Together, they make it to the top, but when they go back, they are apprehended by Regvar, the dwarven leader, and marked as traitors.
The helpful teenage centaur
Albatro, a young centaur who understands that the rivalry between humans and centaurs is only based on prejudice. He offers to free the four friends. In exchange, he gets a small piece of the magical stone to save his village from the volcano eruption.

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Erusa has black hair and brown eyes. She lives with her sister Kiera in the village of Ralta. Her friends are Anette, Mickal and Jalam. Anette has chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. She has to learn to take a risk once in a while. Mickal has dirty blond hair and green eyes. He is the apprentice of the sage Benra but learning magic is very hard for him. Jalam has light brown hair and blue eyes. He wants to gain glory like his older brother Henry. On the road each of the four friends has to face their problems and learn to deal with them. But they also meet new friends, like the dwarfs Volg and Nevien or the centaur Albatro.