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Cover: Mystery of the Sands

Determine the roles in: “Mystery of the Sands”

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The heroine
Pam Marwick, museum security guard (despite not being terribly interested in museums), at her first shift on the new job; always wishing for some adventure in her life; courageous and clever; gets accidentally involved in the mysterious happenings in the museum at night; develops a friendship with all the Ancient Egyptians but ends up closest to Marcus; helps discover pharaoh Nathan's murderer.
The murdered king
Nathan Campbell, pharaoh from Ancient Egypt who was murdered in his sleep, later to be resurrected by Lucien; fair and forgiving; married to Amber Dewhurst; desperate to find out who killed him and why, and what happened to his pyramid.
The queen
Amber Dewhurst, married to Nathan; confident and loyal wife; sarcastic streak; wanted children in life; supports her husband in finding his murderer.
The priest
Lucien Griffiths, Nathan's court priest; rather serious most of the time; can be a bit snippy and superior; initially clashes with Pam but eventually comes around to her; resurrects the pharaoh and the other palace members using his magical powers; conducts the group into an illusory world of the past in order to find the person responsible for his king's death.
The policeman
Marcus Bowen, former tomb guard; loyal member of the palace; fond of his monkey Arthur; becomes friends with Pam and helps her to detect the murderer.
The servant/murderer
Matthew Harding, Nathan's 'loyal' servant; claustrophobic; resents not being noticed; killed his king in order to find a legendary amulet which would give him the power to save his family; Pam finds some sympathy for his motives, although she can't condone his actions.
Grave robber1
Zara, Ancient Egyptian grave robber; younger than Nathan; secretly the sister of Lily; forward and snappy; niece of Senbi; resents Nathan for the arrest of her father; was accidentally killed when Nathan's pyramid collapsed while she was looking for treasures in there, later to be resurrected by Lucien.
Grave robber2
Lily, Ancient Egyptian grave robber; younger than Nathan; secretly the sister of Zara; less cheeky and more cautious than Zara; niece of Senbi; was accidentally killed when Nathan's pyramid collapsed while she was looking for treasures in there, later to be resurrected by Lucien.
The cleaner
Norris Mason, museum cleaner; elderly, placid, extremely short-sighted; secret survivor from Nathan's era; has the amulet the murderer and priest were looking for; doesn't join the others in their adventure.
The healer
Senbi, palace healer; only referenced by name, makes no actual appearance in the novel; paternal uncle of Zara and Lily; obsessed with researching plants; accidently produced the poison Nathan was killed with.
The heroine's cat
Milton, Pam's male cat; demanding and angry, but affectionate after being fed.
The policeman's monkey
Arthur, Marcus's male monkey and faithful companion; clever and highly-trained; Marcus adores him, but nobody else is a fan.

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On her first night shift in the Museum Historia in London, the blue-eyed security guard Pam Marwick dawdles along, expecting it to be an eventless and quiet night. She gets to know the cleaner Norris Mason, an elderly man who, as it turns out, is much more involved in the upcoming events than it seems at first sight. While strolling boredly through the corridors of the museum, Pam is startled by a loud sound which bodes ill. What follows is a series of incredible and mysterious events: Lucien Griffiths, a court priest from Ancient Egypt, resurrects the pharaoh Nathan Campbell, his wife Amber Dewhurst, the court members Marcus Bowen and Matthew Harding, and Marcus’s monkey , as well as the sisters Zara and . After some initial mutual distrust, Pam and the Egyptians go on a journey back in time to find out who murdered the pharaoh and what happened to his pyramid. Through their time travel not only does the group find out the reason for the disappearance of Nathan’s beloved tomb, but Pam, with the help of Marcus, also comes up with a plan to catch the murderer.