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The Polar Bear in the Fridge (for boys)

In a world of ice behind the back of the fridge, a boy meets the little polar bear, Nanuk. But while they’re playing they get into difficulties: they drift out to sea on an iceberg…

Author: Tina Jacobi
Illustration: Gisela Dürr

36 Pages

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A fantastic adventure story, in which the little polar explorer discovers the arctic landscape and gets to know the people and creatures who live there… For adventurous boys between 6 and 8 years old.




Kitchen The Arctic

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Characters :

Non-personalised characters:

Main role

Daniel Brown, the heroine of the story, actually only wanted to have her favourite ice-cream. But what she finds in the fridge is a lot more interesting than strawberry ice-cream! She gets to know Nanuk, the friendly polar bear, and with him, she discovers the beautiful, icy arctic world and meets a lot of nice people. While she is playing with the funny little polar bear, they suddenly find themselves in danger: stranded on an iceberg, they start drifting out to the open sea. How lucky she is that Nanuk knows what to do!

Mother (or similar person) of the main role

Mum (could also be stepmother aunty/older sister) plays only a minor role.

Gisela Duerr


Tina Jacobi

Tina Jacobi, year 1978, worked after her business studies as copywriter and solved an education as scriptwriter. Since 2004 she writes belletristic and books for children, also she shot some short stories. Tina Jacobi is married and lives near Munich.

The author is as well writing for PersonalNOVEL under the name Mariella Sylvenstein.

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