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Mystery of the Sands

Working her first shift on her new job, a fearless museum security guard dawdles along, trying to get used to her new working place. She expects it to be an eventless night, but suddenly some of the exhibits come to life and she finds herself in the middle of a mysterious and exciting adventure involving a powerful priest and a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt. Together with other palace members, they go on a journey back in time to solve a long-forgotten murder: the murder of the pharaoh himself.

Author: Rewan Tremethick
Illustration: Barber
ca. 212 Pages

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A museum security guard gets involved in a mysterious adventure, helping to solve the murder of a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt - a magical and exciting tale of time travel.


Museum Historia in a city to be named.



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Characters :

The heroine

Pam Marwick, museum security guard (despite not being terribly interested in museums), at her first shift on the new job; always wishing for some adventure in her life; courageous and clever; gets accidentally involved in the mysterious happenings in the museum at night; develops a friendship with all the Ancient Egyptians but ends up closest to Marcus; helps discover pharaoh Nathan's murderer.

The murdered king

Nathan Campbell, pharaoh from Ancient Egypt who was murdered in his sleep, later to be resurrected by Lucien; fair and forgiving; married to Amber Dewhurst; desperate to find out who killed him and why, and what happened to his pyramid.

The queen

Amber Dewhurst, married to Nathan; confident and loyal wife; sarcastic streak; wanted children in life; supports her husband in finding his murderer.

The priest

Lucien Griffiths, Nathan's court priest; rather serious most of the time; can be a bit snippy and superior; initially clashes with Pam but eventually comes around to her; resurrects the pharaoh and the other palace members using his magical powers; conducts the group into an illusory world of the past in order to find the person responsible for his king's death.

The policeman

Marcus Bowen, former tomb guard; loyal member of the palace; fond of his monkey Arthur; becomes friends with Pam and helps her to detect the murderer.

The servant/murderer

Matthew Harding, Nathan's 'loyal' servant; claustrophobic; resents not being noticed; killed his king in order to find a legendary amulet which would give him the power to save his family; Pam finds some sympathy for his motives, although she can't condone his actions.

Grave robber1

Zara, Ancient Egyptian grave robber; younger than Nathan; secretly the sister of Lily; forward and snappy; niece of Senbi; resents Nathan for the arrest of her father; was accidentally killed when Nathan's pyramid collapsed while she was looking for treasures in there, later to be resurrected by Lucien.

Grave robber2

Lily, Ancient Egyptian grave robber; younger than Nathan; secretly the sister of Zara; less cheeky and more cautious than Zara; niece of Senbi; was accidentally killed when Nathan's pyramid collapsed while she was looking for treasures in there, later to be resurrected by Lucien.

The cleaner

Norris Mason, museum cleaner; elderly, placid, extremely short-sighted; secret survivor from Nathan's era; has the amulet the murderer and priest were looking for; doesn't join the others in their adventure.

The healer

Senbi, palace healer; only referenced by name, makes no actual appearance in the novel; paternal uncle of Zara and Lily; obsessed with researching plants; accidently produced the poison Nathan was killed with.

The heroine's cat

Milton, Pam's male cat; demanding and angry, but affectionate after being fed.

The policeman's monkey

Arthur, Marcus's male monkey and faithful companion; clever and highly-trained; Marcus adores him, but nobody else is a fan.






Pam bit her lip and then turned back to look at Lucien.

"And you’re absolutely sure that I don’t need to put any sun cream on?" she asked.

Lucien rolled his eyes. "Of course not," he sighed.

"All right," Pam said defensively. "It’s not my fault I don’t understand wizard things."

"I’m not a wizard, I’m a priest," Lucien said.

They were in the main exhibition hall, standing in a circle with Lucien in the centre. Everyone was present, although Zara and Lily weren’t part of the circle. They were standing a little way off, being watched carefully by Arthur the monkey. Despite the protestations of both Marcus and Lucien, Nathan had decided that the grave robbers should be informed of what was about to happen. If in their wanderings about the museum they had returned to the exhibition hall and found the others seemingly comatose, they may have tried to come to the rescue, thus ruining Lucien’s magic.

While Amber had sarcastically pointed out that Zara and Lily were unlikely to care, Pam was glad of their presence. She would be more comfortable with losing her consciousness, or whatever was going to happen to her, if she knew there were people watching.

She did not consider Zara or Lily to be a danger. It wasn’t like they knew where she lived, and anyway they seemed only interested in robbing the tombs of dead people. Plus, one encounter with a cat like hers would put them off crime for life.

Assuming, that was, that being crushed to death in the last crime they had attempted hadn’t put them off already.

"Before we begin, you should understand that we will not be able to catch the murderer out through their memories alone," Lucien said. "When sharing dream states, only the memories that are held in consensus will be projected into our minds. Otherwise we would all become confused by having the memories of several different activities all taking place at the same time. Suddenly we would all be adjudicating over a dispute, pursuing grave robbers, checking the food stores, and whatever else we were all doing with our time. So the murderer will be able to walk among us, without fear that their memories of killing Nathan will be revealed to us all. And the rest of us should be aware that the absence of those memories may not mean we are all innocent."

Nathan looked around the group.

"Well," he said. "Are we ready?"

Nobody answered in the affirmative, but there were no protests. Pam assumed that the others, like her, saw the wisdom in what they were about to do, but were not any more eager to participate as a result.

Tired of waiting for an answer, Nathan returned his gaze to Lucien. "So, what do we do?"

Lucien nodded, as though thinking things through in his head. It didn’t give Pam any confidence in his abilities whatsoever. She wondered if there was a safety position, like on a plane, that she could adopt. She wasn’t particularly sure that holding her head in her hands would help when it came to travelling 2,000 years back in time to a palace constructed entirely of memories. Still, she found it hard to resist the urge to check beneath the chair she wasn’t sitting on to make sure that the lifejacket that wasn’t there was still present.

"We should sit," Lucien said. "When our minds are in the shared memory, our bodies will be out of our control. This room has a particularly hard floor, and a selection of hard objects which we could hit ourselves on as we fall."

Why couldn’t this have all happened in a mattress factory? Pam wondered bitterly. Although in that scenario the presence of seven long-dead Egyptians would be even more bizarre.

Doing as they were told, Nathan, Amber, Matthew, Marcus, and Pam lowered themselves gently onto the cold stone floor. Lucien took his place in the circle, between Nathan and Matthew. Pam could not be sure, but she thought she spotted a flash of jealousy rippling across Matthew’s face as someone came between him and his king. He was so incredibly loyal, Pam found herself thinking. She wasn’t sure if she herself could claim to be as loyal as Matthew was about anything.

Lucien held out his palms.

"We should all link together physically," he said. "As this will allow the memories to pass more easily between us."

In unison, the group held up their hands, clasping those of the people on either side of them tightly in theirs. I’m holding hands with a mummy, Pam thought excitedly. How many other people could claim to have done that? Granted, there were probably a few scientists and archaeologists who could say the same thing, but in Pam’s case the mummy in question had a say in whether or not their hand was held.

"We all need to think very hard about the place we have come from," Lucien said.

He looked up at Pam to find a confused expression on her face.

"For you, Pam," he said, "you need to empty your mind of all thoughts in order to allow us to fill your head with our memories."

Emptying her mind turned out to be far from simple. As soon as she was instructed to do so, Pam found a huge number of irrelevant things popping into her head and refusing to leave. Song lyrics, memories of Norris fallen over, the look on her cat’s face when he hadn’t received his afternoon biscuits at the right time. Pam gritted her teeth and tried to force the memories out of her head. Gradually they left her, although it was the mental equivalent of getting the last blob of toothpaste from the tube.

With one last glance at Zara and Lily, Pam closed her eyes as the others in the group had, and waited for something to happen. She could hear the expectant breathing of Amber to her left and Marcus to her right.

Just as she was beginning to think that nothing was going to happen, and that this was all some practical joke Lucien had cooked up, Pam became aware of a bright light trying to force its way through her eyelids.

She heard gasps of surprise from way off to her right, and assumed that Zara and Lily were currently the sole audience to an amazing spectacle.

Rewan Tremethick

Rewan Tremethick is named after a saint from the English county of Cornwall who was supposedly invulnerable to wolves. Rewan is pretty sure that he isn’t.

Rewan has been writing since before he can remember, although he can only remember up to last Thursday. Having spent his childhood and teenage years writing novels and short stories, Rewan pursued his passion for writing by studying a Creative Writing degree at university. Rewan is currently starting up a freelance writing business and working with clients across the UK and America. He is also continuing to pursue his dreams of writing novels for a living, as well as dabbling with scripts, stand-up comedy and blogging.

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The murdered king
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The queen
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The priest
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The policeman
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The servant/murderer
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Grave robber1
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Grave robber2
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The cleaner
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The healer
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The heroine's cat
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The policeman's monkey
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