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Your personal dedication

Don’t miss your chance to dedicate your personal book to your loved ones. By adding your own dedication, greetings or good wishes to your gift book, your PersonalNovel or your personalised children’s book, you can create an even more personal present. Your dedication will be printed free of surcharge on page 3 of your book. For a more creative and colourful way to greet your friends and family, choose the ‘hand-written’ dedication for the small surcharge of 4.99 GBP.

PersonalNovel - Bücher personalisieren

Can't think of something suitable right now?

We have compiled a small collection of dedications to give you a little inspiration!

There are secret doors in the palace of the soul that you will never discover alone -
just another they can be opened with the hands of love.
At our wedding,
Your (s) ...

Never forget my true love for you, for it will be there forever!
With love, hope, patience, and above all
with respect and faith to each other, we will achieve together.
I look forward to our wedding on ...
In everlasting love, your (s) ...

At our wedding, I want you to make a very special gift -
our own love story.
I love you!
Your (s) ...

A very special book to commemorate our love.
Forever and ever,
Your (s) ...
For my best friend,
my partner and fellow ...
In deep love,
Your (s) ...

A little much for the past ... wonderful years.
It's easier to catch a falling star from the sky,
than once to find such a man like you.
In love forever
Your (s) ...

For a unique person,
wonderful man,
bred lover
and true friend ...
In love,
Your (s) ...

This book is dedicated to a unique woman,
their incomparable beauty, passion, character and love
make it the most wonderful people in the world.
With deep admiration and great eternal love,
Your (s) ...
Happiness is the only
the doubles,
when you share it.
In love,
Your (s) ...

For ...
You verschönerst my life since ... Days and I hope you never listen to it!
I love you,
Your (s) ...

What would the apple without-sine,
what would changeable without-ing?
What would without Vita-mine
and what I'd be without you ... only
Your (s) ...

For the love of my life,
Your (s) ...

Do not think closer
and you think not further
Where you think you are
because you really are there
Do not think older
do not you think and younger
not greater not less
not heated, not colder
Think you and I long for you
Want to see you
and you have to love
as you really are

I love you! Your (s) ...

This book is a Valentine's Day gift
just made ​​for you and will tell you,
I'll always be there for you,
and always and everywhere must think of you ...
I love you,
Your (s) ...
True friends show up again
in the most severe distress

Love (r) ...
thank you for your friendship!
Your (s) ...

Love (r) ...

Flowers bloom for only a short time,
but maintains friendship for eternity.

And ... this book will remind you forever of our wonderful friendship!

Your (s) best (s) Friend (in) ...

Love (r) ...

Our friendship is rooted,
until we reinpurzeln in the coffin.

Your (s) ...

Love (r) ...

this book is dedicated to you, the / the best friend (in) the world!
I thank you for everything you have done for me!

Your (s) ...
For my (n) ...

Distances are irrelevant.
To be close,
is a matter of the heart.

Your (s) ...