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We read every day from Monday to Friday, the account data of a previous day. In daily inputs we do not currently have any insight. Whether your payment is received by us, the easiest way to get on your personal status page. The address of your status page, you can refer to our email with the order confirmation. Upon receipt of payment, your Persona Novel is set and printed.

Please note that bank transfers within Germany maturities of up to 3 banking days have. You're welcome to fax or mail your Überweisungsbelg. Is the information on it is correct, we print your PersonalNOVEL the earliest possible date.

Changes of names or the dedication in your order can be made up to the receipt of payment or proof of payment on your personal status page. The link to your personal status page can be found in our e-mail with the order confirmation. All other changes such as Changes the subtitle or the delivery address please send an email to

Please note: After receipt of payment or proof of payment changes are only very limited because we will give your product the next possible date in the production.

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