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Personalise your novel - our personalisation options

A personalised novel is a very personal gift; it features your friends and family, who will appear by name and with their features customised. But these are not the only things you can design.

Here’s a summary of all your options:


Personalisation fields

Our personalisation options range from the names of the characters to external characteristics, hobbies, hometown and the names of pets. That’s how our personalised novels can offer you various options to tailor your novel exactly to your needs.

Here are some of the personalisable fields (those fields vary depending on the book):

  • First and last name
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Nickname / pet name
  • Age
  • Hometown
  • Preferred perfume
  • Favourite music or movies
  • Name of pet
  • Favourite colour
  • Car
  • ...


Live demonstration of the personalisation fields

Try it now with one of our examples and see your names in one of our novels.

Geben Sie bitte Ihre Daten ein.
Her name:
His name:
Her hair colour:
His eye colour:
Genre :
After the interrogation She immediately paid the prosecuting attorney a visit. He approached her with an inquisitive look in his eyes. “Well, what did she say?” “The gardener's the murderer.” She couldn't suppress a smile at her own joke as she pushed her Her hair colourhair out of her face. His His eye coloureyes twinkled. “OK, enough of the shenanigans. What did the witness say?” “She said that the Mayers really did want to go out for a meal. And she said that Mrs Mayer has got a camera hidden in the cellar of the house in Place to keep a watch on her husband.” “I knew it!" the prosecutor exulted. “What did you know?” she asked, a little irritated.“That there's been trouble in the air. He got wise to the camera and blew a fuse. He smiled with satisfaction.


Entry Frequency

In order to let you take the roles and the importance of the characters into account, there is a list for every book that will inform you of how frequently the individual characters will appear in the novel.

Female lead  
The first name of the heroine is ... 258 x
The hair color of the heroine is ... 1 x
The eye color of the heroine is ...  1 x
 brother of the female lead  
 The first name of her brother's ...   112 x
 The hair color of her brother's ...   1 x
 The eye color of her brother's ...   1 x

Selectable fonts

We provide a choice of five font styles. Your PersonalNOVEL is printed in the font of your choice.

Children’s books are available only with the font ‘Comic Sans Serif’.