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Your personal dedication

Don’t miss your chance to dedicate your personal book to your loved ones. By adding your own dedication, greetings or good wishes to your gift book, your PersonalNovel or your personalised children’s book, you can create an even more personal present. Your dedication will be printed free of surcharge on page 3 of your book. For a more creative and colourful way to greet your friends and family, choose the ‘hand-written’ dedication for the small surcharge of 4.99 GBP.

PersonalNovel - Bücher personalisieren

Can't think of something suitable right now?

We have compiled a small collection of dedications to give you a little inspiration!

For the birthday of a very special person –
a very special gift.
In endless love,

To the world you are someone,
but for someone out there, you are the world!
For your xx birthday,
Love from ...

For ...
the spark in my life,
that sets my fire alight.
Let it burn for ever ...
For your xx birthday
in eternal love,
From ...

For your xx birthday
I would like to give you a piece
of our love – for future reference!
From ...
There are secret doors in the palace of soul that cannot be discovered alone –
only another can open them with the hands of love.
In love,

Never forget my true love for you, because it will last forever!
With love, hope, patience, and above all
with respect and faith in each other we will achieve everything together.
I look forward to our wedding on ...
In everlasting love,

Celebrating our wedding, I would like to make you a very special gift –
our own love story.
I love you!
From ...

A very special book in memory of our love.
Forever and ever,
For my best friend,
my partner and companion ...
In dear love
From ...

A little gratitude for the past … wonderful years.
It is easier to catch a falling star from the sky
than find a man like you again.
In love forever,

For a unique and wonderful person,
wonderful man,
hot-blooded lover
and true friend.
In love,

This book is devoted to a unique woman
whose incomparable beauty, passion, character and love
create the most wonderful person in this world.
With deep admiration and great eternal love,
From ...
Happiness is the only thing
that doubles
when you share it.
Love ...

For ...
You've brightened up my life for ... days already and I hope you'll never stop!
I love you,
From ...

For the love of my life,
From ...

This little book is a Valentine's Day gift
only made for you and to tell you
that I will always be there for you
and I will think about you always and everywhere...
I love you,
From ...
Dear …,
Everyone should have
a friend like you!
Thank you for the last xx years!
From ...

Dear …
Thank you for being my friend!
Love …

This is for you, my best friend,
The one person who is always there for me,
The one person I can tell everything!
Thank you for everything,
And remember: I’ll always be your friend!
Love …
For my ...
Distances are irrelevant.
Being close
is a thing of the heart.
In love,
You're the one,
no one will ever be able to replace you.
In infinite love,
From ...

Your love is the greatest gift in this world.
Thanks for everything,
Love from …

Mothers tread paths
where even angels fear to go.
Love from ...

This Mother's Day I want to do my best
to show you my thanks and appreciation for all that
you have done for me, do and will do…
Love from ...

If I become a mother one day, I want to be like you!
In gratitude and love,
From ...
I wish you a Merry Christmas
and all the luck in the world!

Our xx Christmas together!
I hope there will be many more ...

Christmas 20xx
For the most wonderful person in this world.
I'm glad you're in this world!
In infinite love,

Christmas 2011
Together for eternity...
I love you,