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Cover: Death by Seven Iron

Determine the roles in: “Death by Seven Iron”

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Male main character
David White, keen golfer; mid to late thirties; attentive husband of Emma; very companionable and likeable character; head of marketing at Palmer & Partner; is invited by his boss to a company golf tournament at which he discovers the body of Charlotte Walsh; with his help, Jeremy Hurd is convicted as the murderer, yet strange dreams lead David to doubt that Hurd alone is responsible; by chance he hears James Walsh’s confession at his wife’s graveside; together with Emma he tries to apprehend the murderer; saves his wife from a sticky situation and finally also finds the ultimate evidence to prove the complicity of James Walsh in his wife’s death.
Female main character
Emma White, David’s wife of three years; pretty and successful painter; has strange premonitions of the murder of Charlotte Walsh; she visits her parents and brother while the golf tournament is ongoing; only once David gets on to the track of James Walsh, is she drawn into the action; lands in danger when she is threatened by the director holding a gun; David’s plucky intervention saves her and together they uncover the truth.
Best friend of the male main character
Mark Thompson, David’s colleague, golf partner and friend; in a managerial position in sales at Palmer & Partner; is also invited to the golf tournament; he comes to David’s assistance in a scuffle with the culprit; married to Rebecca.
Wife of the best friend of the male main character
Rebecca Thompson, Mark’s wife and Emma’s friend; met her husband at David and Emma’s wedding; works in the sales department of a large publishing house; minor role.
Director of the competing firm
James Walsh, the director of the second firm taking part in the tournament; married to Charlotte for eight years; several years older than his wife; in contrast to Charlotte, would happily start a family; is annoyed with the affectations and dissatisfaction of his wife; when he learns of her adultery, he blows a fuse and commissions Jeremy Hurd to kill his wife; rues his crime, however, and in his despair, finally shoots himself.
Young wife of the director
Charlotte Walsh, the beautiful, temperamental and young wife of the director; shoulder-length hair; baby daughter from a wealthy home; spoilt and narcissistic; feels neglected by her husband; wants to go out and experience much more before starting a family; has an affair with Jeremy Hurd and wants to leave her husband for him; when Hurd ends their relationship, she threatens to tell her husband of their affair; is murdered during the golf tournament with a golf club.
Father of the director’s wife
Oscar Sinclair, Charlotte’s father; a wealthy industrialist; idolises his only daughter; after her death he is a broken man; flies at Jeremy Hurd in the courtroom and is suddenly struck by an illness from which he does recover.
The director’s assistant
Jeremy Hurd, Mr Walsh’s assistant; attractive but aloof and cold; when Charlotte Walsh wants to blackmail him, he admits the affair to his boss, whereupon the plan to murder her is laid; is ready to spend time in prison for the murder, provided James Walsh cedes a portion of the life insurance he is paid out for his wife’s death; is knocked out by David and convicted.
Boss of the male main character
Jack Palmer, David’s boss; an older man with grey streaks in his hair; agile demeanour; invites his employees to the company golf tournament which he also takes part in.
Investigating inspector
Inspector Locke, investigates the case of Charlotte Walsh’s murder; he would have preferred David to leave the detective work up to the police.
The director’s secretary
Brittany Adams, Mr Walsh’s secretary; gives the police the clue that James Walsh had taken out life insurance on his wife, Charlotte; minor role.
Secretary of the male main character
Emily Barnett, David’s secretary; has already been working for him for a long time; minor role.
Female colleague of the male main character
Jayne Collins, a colleague of David’s, who like him takes part in the golf tournament; widow with 2 children; has recently become involved with a golf instructor.
Another female colleague of the male main character
Louise O’Connor, another of David’s colleagues; also takes part in the tournament; minor role.
Worthy tournament opponent of the male main character
Brad Parker, congenial chap in his mid-twenties; works at the third company partaking in the golf tournament; is a worthy golf opponent for David during the tournament.
Male colleague of male main character
Steve Willoughby, David’s colleague; also a participant in the tournament; minor role.
Female friend of the female main character
Kate, Emma’s friend who lives in New York; runs a small art gallery there; single; has an erratic love life; she is only mentioned in conversation.
Ex-boyfriend of the female main character
Alex, Emma’s ex-boyfriend who hurt her very badly in the past; he is only mentioned.
Married couple and good acquaintances of the male main character
Harriet and Ben, a married couple; are members of David and Mark’s golf club and get on well with both friends.
Female friend of the director’s wife
Alison, Charlotte’s best friend with whom she goes out in town; minor role.
Setting of the story

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David White with brown hair and green eyes, who always smells of Hugo Boss, is a keen golfer and is happily married to Emma, who had bad experiences in her previous relationship with Alex. David and Emma love going on outings in Edinburgh in his silver grey BMW. He loves her blue grey eyes and honey blonde hair and the way she always smells of the perfume Roma. The couple affectionately refer to each other as 'Sweetheart' and 'Darling'. Emma’s best friend lives in the USA and is called Kate. David’s friend, Mark Thompson, works in the same firm as he does and is married to Rebecca. The two men enjoy spending time on the golf course where they play rounds with Harriet and Ben. Jack Palmer, David and Mark’s boss, sends his two employees to a golf tournament to represent the firm. There they meet company director James Walsh whose wife Charlotte will be found dead soon after. The father of the deceased woman, Oscar Sinclair, immediately suspects Jeremy Hurd, the director’s assistant. Inspector Locke tries to shed light on the case and questions all the other tournament participants, including David’s opponent during the tournament, Brad Parker; David’s secretary, Emily Barnett; and other colleagues of his who are also taking part in the tournament: Jayne Collins, Louise O'Connor and Steve Willoughby. The director’s secretary, Brittany Adams, ultimately provides the crucial clue. During the funeral service, Alison, Charlotte’s best friend, speaks about her deceased friend.