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Cover: Icelandic Virus

Determine the roles in: “Icelandic Virus”

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Female main character
Dr. Julia Hofman, an idealistic young doctor of sciences working at a Berlin research institute; is called to Barcelona by her former doctoral supervisor, George Tremayne. While being there, she learns of an incredible medical scandal in Europe; has to find out whether the virus, which has occurred at the same time in Barcelona and Iceland, is fatal; travels to Iceland to get to the heart of the matter; the closer she gets to uncover the scandal, the more dangerous her investigation becomes; finds herself in mortal danger as she, too, is infected with the virus; saved at the last minute.
Young idealistic doctor
Dr. Herbert Schultz, a young medical doctor just as idealistic as Julia; works in a hospital in Barcelona. After a bomb assassination attempt at a Barcelona laboratory, he is asked by the injured Martin to search for Julia and save her, which he does, because he recognises the seriousness of the situation; exposes Lion Sciences‘ dirty dealings together with Julia; infected with the virus, but recovers in the end thanks to the antidotal treatment; becomes friends with Julia due to shared experience.
Best friend of the female main character
Sonya Walther, Julia’s best friend; lives in Berlin; drawn into the chaos as Julia is suspected of being a terrorist, although Philip Berger corroborates Sonya’s protestations of Julia’s innocence.
Doctoral supervisor of the female main character
Prof. George Tremayne, a calm, older man and Julia’s former doctoral supervisor; Professor emeritus in Barcelona; infected by a mysterious virus from which he believes he will die; calls Martin and Julia to Barcelona, hoping for their advice and assistance; trusts Julia’s commitment to help all the people under threat; dies with Julia at his bedside.
Former fellow student of the female main character
Martin Rellin, graduated together with Julia four years ago, but has not seen her since; chose a „money-making“ career path; worked with the global pharmaceutical corporation Lion Sciences for a few years; has realised that he has engulfed countless people in misery; his remorse and disclosure is almost too late for Julia, who is already on her way to Iceland.
Professor and head of conspiracy
Prof. Frederick Winter, head of a research department in Berlin; apparently reputable; nobody knows that he is spearheading the Lion Sciences conspiracy; finally arrested.
Other old university friend of the female main character
Dr. Philip Berger, another old university friend of Julia; manager of a secret Lion Sciences research department in London initially appears to be a friend, but his complicity with and closeness to Professor Winter soon emerge, as do the fatal consequences for thousands of people; hides out with Sonya out of fear for a while, but in the end surrenders to the police.
Security manager and lover of the Professor at the head of the conspiracy
Eve Roth, security manager at Lion Sciences and mistress of Prof. Winter, whom she does not love; her heart belongs to Gordon, with whom she had a relationship in order to spy on him for Winter; feels remorse and wants to help Gordon, who turns her down; gets sick upon her return from Iceland but recovers in the end - with the help of Gordon.
Investigating inspector and former lover of the security manager
Gordon Wegner, a police inspector in Berlin involved in the investigation; deserted by Eve six months earlier; suffers terribly due to Eve's betrayal and can only trust her with immense difficulty when she returns to Berlin; forgives her in the end, but the two are no longer lovers.
Inspector and colleague of the investigating inspector
Peter Myers, an energetic man; police inspector in Berlin; has to interrogate Julia’s friend, Sonya Walther, together with his colleague Gordon Wegner; flies to Barcelona to question the scientist Martin Rellin.
Female inspector and colleague of the two other inspectors
Sybil Miller, a spirited inspector; works in the murder squad; colleague of Myers and Wegner; flies to Barcelona together with Myers in order to question Martin Rellin in hospital where she learns hitherto unknown details with reference to the existence of a secret research laboratory.
Icelandic night-watchman who discovers the conspiracy
Thorstein Magnusson, nightwatchman at the Icelandic branch of Lion Sciences in Reykjavík; was often at odds with the law in the past; the first one to become suspicious and find evidence of a conspiracy, for which he pays with his life; secures important documents in a safe deposit box before his death and gives the key to his wife, Vigdis.
Wife or widow of the Icelandic night-watchman
Vigdis Magnusson, Thorstein‘s wife and widow; encounters much trouble from strangers who try to blackmail her after her husband's death; courageous; helps Julia and Herbert with their private investigation efforts.
One year-old son of the Icelandic nightwatchman
Oluf Magnusson, the one year-old son of Thorstein and Vigdis.

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The young doctor of sciences, Dr Julia Hofman, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, is doing research in the pursuit of a treatment for a mysterious virus. When her former doctoral supervisor, Professor George Tremayne, dies in Barcelona as a result of this virus, and when her former fellow student, Martin Rellin is shot in an attempted assassination, she herself is drawn into the maelstrom of events. A young German medical doctor, Dr Herbert Schultz, with brown hair and brown eyes, is at Julia's side although by doing so, he puts himself in great danger because Professor Frederick Winter, head of the research department in Berlin, and his accomplice, Dr Philip Berger, are doing everything to carry out their plan. The plan, however, has loopholes. One of these is the fact that Thorstein Magnusson, nightwatchman at the Icelandic branch of the pharmaceutical firm and the first fatality as a result of the virus, left incriminating documents with his family. His widow Vigdis and his little boy Oluf are the unwitting custodians of these crucial papers. Other characters include Eve Roth, the security manager at the pharmaceutical firm and mistress of the head of the research department, who is actually in love with Gordon Wegner, the police inspector who is long been investigating the pharmaceutical company she works for. Even Sonya Walther, the heroine's best friend, does not stand there idly. In concert with Wegner's colleagues, the police inspectors Peter Myers and Sybil Miller, they finally manage to uncover the real culprits in this scandal...