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Cover: Murder in the House of Commons

Determine the roles in: “Murder in the House of Commons”

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Main female character
Linda Moore, attorney and in her early thirties; the youngest MP in the London House of Commons; widowed for three years; her husband died in a car accident; has a daughter; attractive woman with long hair; her middle name is Joan, a name which Veracity uses; Veracity, a lunatic murderer, sends religious fanatic emails to her which announce the murder of MPs; in danger herself at the end, Paul saves her; finds Paul attractive and likable from the beginning; trusts and finally invites him for dinner as a token of appreciation; open end - not clear whether Linda and Paul have a future together.
Main male character
Paul Sutherton, Chief Detective from Scotland Yard; head of the police team which investigates the murder of the MPs; handsome, well-trained man in his mid-thirties; single, workaholic; allows himself only little leisure time; a good cook; attracted to Linda from the beginning; saves her and accepts her dinner invitation gladly.
Daughter of the main female character
Lily Moore, Linda’s five year old daughter; long curly hair; Paul gains her trust quickly.
Best friend of the main female character
Liz, Linda’s best friend since school days; paints pictures, writes poems and is in love; takes care of Lily when the police are concerned about the child's safety; lives in Plymouth; does not make a personal appearance.
Best friend of main male character
Brad Ramsey, Inspector from Scotland Yard and Paul’s best friend; knows Paul since their childhood days; married and has one child; convinced for a long time that Veracity could only be a man; competent police officer and likable guy.
Assistant of the main female character
Alan Fisher, Linda’s assistant; unimpressive young man; driven by the ambition to be an MP himself; provides a person posing as a journalist with some internal information about Linda.
Former friend of the main female character and fanatical murderer
Helen Stephens, an old school friend of Linda’s; works as a nurse; when she meets Linda after a few years, she seems to have changed a lot; religiously fanatical and at the end turns out to be Veracity; short dark hair, but fools the police with a blonde wig; shot by Paul at the end.
Superior of the main female character
Peter Earthone, chairman of the parliamentary group of the opposition party and therefore Linda’s superior, elderly man with grey hair; a smart and slippery politician who is not always kind to Linda; on Veracity’s death list; saved in the last minute.
Accomplice of the murderer
Tom Young, the main suspect since he is known to the police on account of radical activities and works as a caretaker at the House of Commons; his parents, both teachers, raised him in an anti-authoritarian and atheistic way; joined a religious group in later life, apparently as kind of revolution against his parents; was born in summer 1981; lean; dark hair; Veracity’s sidekick; when he is about to cave in, Veracity slays him and throws his dead body into the river Thames.
Dr Calvin Hurds, expert on written characters and wording; consulted by the police to interpret Veracity’s encoded messages; an elderly man with sparse hair and first signs of a paunch who wears spectacles.
Mrs Hunter, an experienced pathologist; very astute and highly esteemed by Paul; small; grey hair; small role.
Chief Constable
Chief Constable Smith, on holiday at the time of the first murder; rotund and rather rough-and-ready; small role.
First victim
Mr Henry White, the first victim; died of thirst; is found bound up under a heap of banknotes; made money illegally in the construction industry; said to be a miser; seduced by Helen and offered her money for her silence.
Second victim
Mr Cedric Miller, the second victim; thin, half-grey, half-black hair; his real name is Stuart Frank Taylor; one of the so-called dormant partners in a few brothels and casinos in London; poisoned with strychnine.
Third victim
Mrs Agatha Dornland, the third victim; attractive and very popular fifty year old MP; has a son who is homosexual and suffers from Aids; very involved in the issue of rights of homosexuals, which is the reason why Veracity chooses her as victim; rescued in the last minute and survives with most severe injuries (broken limbs, gash on her belly); gives a key hint before falling into a coma for three days.

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Chief Detective Paul Sutherton is working on a new case: the pretty blonde-haired, blue-eyed MP Linda Moore receives emails announcing the death of her colleagues. The first victims are Henry White and Cedric Miller. For Linda who has a five year old daughter called Lily and prefers wearing red suits, this is the beginning of a nightmare. Can she still trust her assistant Alan Fisher, her superior Peter Earthone and her closest friends Liz and Helen Stephens? The religious fanatic Tom Young is under strong criminal suspicion, but then the MP Agatha Dornland disappears without a trace. The brown-haired and brown-eyed police officer and his colleague Brad Ramsey follow every hint which they receive from the pathologist Dr Hunter, the Chief Constable Smith or the expert Dr Calvin Hurds and finally expose the murderer. Linda eventually invites Paul for dinner as a token of appreciation. The man in the green shirt will definitely not miss the chance of meeting the young lady.