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Cover: Treasure Hunting - W

Determine the roles in: “Treasure Hunting - F”

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Main role
Anna is sent to have a bath before tea. She is splashing about with her bathtub toys when, out of the blue, the great, wide ocean opens up in front of her. Suddenly, Anna is a real shiver-me-timbers pirate captain and goes on an exciting hunt for treasure. When she finds the treasure chest, mum brings her back home.
Mother (or similar person) of the main role
Mum, Anna’s parent (only female possible). Very small role.
Child's appearance

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Mum sends her little mucky pup, Anna, off to have a bath before tea. But while she is splashing about in the warm water, the great wide ocean suddenly opens up in front of her – and Anna turns into a real pirate, off on a hunt for treasure!
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