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Cover: A Nightcat's Prowl

Determine the roles in: “A Nightcat's Prowl”

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The Cat
Cassie Fitzgerald, or "the Cat", thrill-seeking cat burglar; formerly a photojournalist; fast, agile, flexible, good-looking, perceptive, independent. She steals from corrupt companies to donate to the suffering in warzones and clashes over this with Jason, who believes that charity begins at home. Simultaneously irritated by and intensely attracted to Jason, she has several sexual encounters with him. They rob Argus Gull, who sends the hitman Claude Gascoigne to pursue her and almost succeeds several times. Eventually she realises she is in love with Jason, marries him and gives up burglary.
The Tomcat
Jason Kerr, cat burglar; handsome; impressive abs; taller and broader-shouldered than Cassie; grew up in a poor area; has a brother (mentioned once in passing). He steals to donate to the suffering in Britain and clashes over this with Cassie, who believes the money is needed more overseas. Simultaneously irritated by and intensely attracted to Cassie, he has several sexual encounters with her. Like Cassie, he is pursued by the hitman Gascoigne after robbing Gull. He gets angry with Cassie when he mistakenly thinks she slept with Heidegger and realises he is in love with Cassie when he believes Gascoigne to have killed her. He fights with Gascoigne and ends up throwing him over a bannister in his rage, killing him. Jason eventually marries Cassie and gives up burglary.
The Eccentric
The Eccentric

Mollie Martin, Cassie's friend and fence; keeps the world's least organised shop; slightly rundown-looking if you don't look closely She is a bit eccentric; leaps wildly from topic to unconnected topic when speaking; takes most things in her stride; likes Picasso, junk and cheap tea. She is not fooled by Cassie and Jason's protestations that they aren't in love.

The Inspector
Inspector Henry Laidlaw, detective in charge of the Cat's case; privately thinks the corrupt companies from which Cassie steals are getting what they deserve, but does believe firmly in the importance of the law. He dislikes Gull intensely and eventually puts him in prison on the basis of evidence acquired by Cassie and Jason.
The Crook
Argus Gull, violent criminal and gang leader turned corrupt businessman; short, squat, ugly; harsh, irritating voice. He hires the hitman Claude Gascoigne to pursue Cassie and Jason after they rob him; eventually he is sent to prison by Laidlaw on the basis of evidence acquired by Cassie and Jason.
The Hitman
Claude Gascoigne, hitman; lean, well-dressed, smooth-voiced; polite but disconcerting manner; has an ex-wife who does not appear; perfectionist; deeply concerned with preserving his reputation as a professional. He attempts several times to kill Cassie and Jason on Gull's orders; eventually he is thrown over a bannister by Jason and killed.

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Cassie has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a cat burglar who knows how to trick security systems and the Inspector Henry Laidlaw. One night, when she robs Argus Gull, she suddenly meets a good looking stranger with blue eyes and blond hair. His name is Jason Kerr and he has the same profession as Cassie. Unfortunately Argus Gull hires the hitman Claude Gascoigne to go after the two. If they want to survive, they have to learn to cooperate. Supportet by their friend Mollie Martin they form a plan. The risk is high but they will have to take it. Also, Jason will tell the two friends that his shoe size is eleven.