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Cover: Time and Again

Determine the roles in: “Time and Again”

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The heroine/adventurous film production assistant
Maggie Lawrence, film production assistant to Magnus Broad, travels the world for different film productions. First she visits the town Little Belton with the production team for the film 'Time and Again' and falls in love with the resident Tom Atkins. As Maggie has to leave to join another production, they agree to meet six months later in the place they first kissed. Due to work she doesn’t return to the town until years later, feeling that she has betrayed her one true love. When she finds out about Jackie Marcus and Eric Kreel’s underhand activities and their intention to force through major changes in the picturesque town, Maggie, together with Magnus and Tom, concocts a plan to put an end to their intrigue. The group succeeds in revealing Jackie’s dodgy dealings. Despite their long separation and initial doubts, Maggie and Tom get married in the end.
The hero/courageous handyman
Tom Atkins, a handyman from Little Belton, initially protests against the film production in his home town but after meeting Maggie changes his mind about the project and falls in love with her. When Maggie leaves after 'Time and Again', Tom travels the world as an assistant to an egocentric celebrity, missing the agreed appointment with Maggie, but regretting his decision. When Maggie returns to Little Belton, he helps her to accomplish her plan to stop Jackie Marcus from turning the picturesque town into a commercial centre.
The eccentric film producer
Magnus Broad, successful film director and Maggie’s former boss and friend, is eccentric, loud, and confident of his work. His employees fear him but also love working with him. He retires to Little Belton and, as an opponent to major changes in his new home town, supports Maggie and Tom in their plan to save the place by making use of his connections and experience in production.
The harassed personal assistant
Lisa Jones, personal assistant to Magnus Broad, is harassed but very efficient and organised. She understands red tape and supports Maggie and the others with their project.
The corrupt councillor
Jackie Marcus, crooked councillor of Little Belton is devious and career-driven. She is all show and no substance and betrays the population by pretending she wants to prevent major changes in town, while actually cooperating with Eric Kreel in forging out a plan to bring commerce and money to the town. She ends up in jail.
The mercenary property developer
Eric Kreel, property developer, is greedy, disliked by everyone and focused on luxury. He plans to move to London after his business deal with Jackie Marcus is completed. He finds out about the hoax Maggie and Tom organise and - driven by revenge - not only reveals the fraud but also tries to separate the lovers. He ends up in jail.
The archaeology professor
Leonard Keating is Professor of Medieval Archaeology and Middle English languages at the University of Bath. He finds actual archaeological remains on Eric Kreel’s ground and thus helps free Magnus, Tom and all the other detained people involved in the hoax. Only a small role.

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The brown-haired and brown-eyed film production assistant Maggie Lawrence first visits the small town Little Belton with the production team for the film Time and Again, together with the famous and successful film director Magnus Broad. There she gets to know Tom Atkins, a good-looking handyman with green eyes and brown hair, and they fall in love. Soon after, Maggie has to leave for another job, but they promise to meet again six months later in the place they first kissed. Unfortunately, neither Tom nor Maggie stick to their agreement and only meet again several years later by chance when Maggie returns to Little Belton for Magnus’s birthday party. Not long after her arrival, Maggie finds out about the manipulations of the town’s councillor Jackie Marcus and the mercenary property developer Eric Kreel, and together with Tom and Magnus she concocts a plan to stop the corrupt intrigues. With the help of Lisa Jones, personal assistant to Magnus Broad, and Leonard Keating, an archaeology professor, the group finally succeeds in bringing the downfall of the council.