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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?
How long does it take to receive my PersonalNOVEL product?


General information about our personalised books (PersonalNOVELs)

What is a PersonalNOVEL?

PersonalNOVELs are individually personalised books and novels starring you, your friends and family or whoever you want. In addition to the names of the main characters, various supporting characters and personal characteristics (e.g. hair and eye colour, perfume, etc.) are customisable. Additionally your PersonalNOVEL can be printed with a personal dedication, and with your own picture and caption featured on the cover. The result is a unique book that is printed for you as a single copy.

Why order a PersonalNOVEL?

Personalised novels make an excellent gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christenings and many other special occasions. PersonalNOVEL offers a varied selection of personalised books, in genres from romance to crime and beyond, so you're sure to find something suitable! Of course, we also offer this service for companies that want an original and personal gift for their customers or employees.

What books are available as PersonalNOVELs?

The books we offer are written specifically for us. Our authors draw on our years of experience as a leader in the field to write books perfectly suited for personalisation... while still telling great stories, of course! The books in our range can only be purchased from us. Our range is constantly expanding to include new titles from different genres to suit all tastes.

Are there any current bestsellers available as PersonalNOVELs?

Unfortunately, no. Books that were not written according to the specifications and parameters of a PersonalNOVEL are difficult to personalise. In addition, there are legal problems surrounding the personalisation of novels that have previously been published.


Who writes the books for PersonalNOVEL?

Our stories are written by experienced authors to our specifications. Each PersonalNOVEL has been written exclusively for us; you won't find these books available anywhere else.


Will the range of PersonalNOVELs be extended?

Our range is updated regularly in order to help our customers find the appropriate book for everyone.


How do I choose my PersonalNOVEL?

The genres available are listed in the left sidebar at the top of this page or the home page, under the heading "Novels". One click on "Romance" will take you to our romance novels, for example, or you can choose "All Novels" to browse the entire collection if you haven't decided which genre you're looking for. If you're not necessarily in search of a novel, every page on this website has a grey bar along the top with links to all our personalisable products: personalisable novels, wedding books, gift books and children's books.

If you like the look of one of the books on offer, you can click on it to read about it in more detail and find out how frequently each character appears. Each novel's information page offers a detailed breakdown of the characters, so you can be sure you won't accidentally cast your friend who's terrified of water in the role of a scuba diver. If you decide the book is right for you, you can order it via the green "Personalise and order" button underneath the book cover and blurb. Please note that you can place your order only through our website.


In the examples, all personalised names etc. are in italics; will they appear that way in the PersonalNOVEL?

Don't worry; the italics merely illustrate what information can be personalised. Your information will be printed in the book in a normal font.


Can I have my own image printed on the cover of my PersonalNOVEL?

Yes. You have a number of ways to send us a picture:

  • Directly within the order process in the process of selecting the "your own photo and caption" option for the cover
  • On a personal overview page that you will receive with your order confirmation
  • Email to as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP


What quality are the books produced by PersonalNOVEL?

Our books are made by a printing company that also produces for other well-known German publishing houses. You will notice no difference in quality between your PersonalNOVEL and the books you might buy in a bookshop.


How long will the production of my PersonalNOVEL take?

The production begins with the receipt of your order and proof of payment. For books, the production time will be between two and five working days (Mon-Fri), depending on the chosen type of cover. Please also allow two to three working days for shipping.



How do I order my PersonalNOVEL?

When you've found the right novel, just click on the green "Personalise and order" button on its information page. This will take you directly to a form where you can choose which details to personalise. Once you've filled in the form, click on "Proceed to dedication" or "Express checkout" to continue the order process.


Do I need to fill in all the fields in the personalisation form?

Complete only the fields you want to personalise. If you do not personalise a field, the character's default name (or hair colour, eye colour etc.) will be retained in the novel. Please note that the entries are not checked for spelling and meaning. Answers such as "I don't know" or spelling errors will be replicated exactly in the book. We accept no liability for inaccuracies.


How can I order more PersonalNOVEL products?

After personalising your first product, you will be taken to the shopping basket. On the top right you will find the option "Order More Books".


How much does a PersonalNOVEL cost?

The price of a PersonalNOVEL depends on the chosen binding type plus the cost of any add-ons (e.g. having your own photograph on the book cover). All of our pricing information can be found in the links under "Book Information" in the left sidebar. In particular, please see "Binding - Prices" for the basic cost of a PersonalNOVEL by binding type.


Why are PersonalNOVELs more expensive than regular books in bookshops?

Each PersonalNOVEL is set individually according to your order, with your chosen font and your personalised details. This means that each PersonalNOVEL takes the same effort as a book for the market - the only difference being that a commercial book is printed many thousands of times, whereas your PersonalNOVEL is unique. We print your book just as often as you want in complex digital printing and can operate without economic production of larger quantities. And most importantly, we produce exclusively in Germany.


How can I pay for my PersonalNOVEL?

We offer you several means of payment:

Credit Card: We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Delta, Maestro, Discover and Solo. Through a 128-bit SSL encryption we ensure the highest security for your data.

Note: For your safety we do not accept credit card information by e-mail or telephone. Employees of PersonalNOVEL will never ask you for your data.

PayPal: PayPal offers among other things the possibility of paying your order by direct debit.

SAFETY NOTICE regarding all forms of payment:

  • Your personal payment information is not stored.
  • Using an SSL encryption we provide maximum security for the transmission of your data.
  • PersonalNOVEL meets the safety standard of the credit card industry (PCI DSS).
  • As certified by Trusted Shops, we are committed to meeting the highest requirements for data security and delivery.


Delivery and after

How will my PersonalNOVEL product be delivered?

All orders will be delivered by our delivery service DHL Premium (Mon-Sat). For information on shipping costs and time, see "Delivery Dates - Shipping" in the left navigation bar.


Can I have my PersonalNOVEL product delivered to another address?

The delivery address can be different from the billing address. For a list of countries we deliver to, please see "Delivery Dates - Shipping" in the left navigation bar.


How can I complain about my PersonalNOVEL product?

You will have a claim period of two weeks from receipt of the goods (by postmark) if an error happens in the production or delivery of your order. In the case of a complaint, please send an email to with an exact description of the damage and if possible photos or scans. We will then contact you with further details on the procedure to follow. Please refer to our terms and conditions.


What happens to the data collected by PersonalNOVEL?

The information that you enter in the personalisation form during the ordering process will be used exclusively for the creation of your product.

Any other questions?

Just contact us personally via the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page.