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How to order

You can order your unique gift conveniently and directly via our website - for only 24.99 GBP excluding delivery costs.

How does it work?

How does it work?

First of all you select your PersonalNovel from our range of books. All the important information, an illustration, a brief description of the story as well as a detailed sample of the text are there for you to peruse.

The "Order" option is available for each novel. Click here to be taken to our structured order form. Please take a few moments to fill out the order form.

Start your order by entering your personalisations. In each of our novels you can define the number of personal characteristics and the preferences of both the leading characters: Name plus nickname, eye and hair colour, places, often favourite colour as well as music. A special page for your personal dedication is also reserved for you.

  • During the personalisation you are shown a preview of the text containing your data.
  • If you need any ideas for your personal dedication, we have put together a few for your selection: Sample dedications.

Now you have to decide which cover the book should have. And then tackle the individual design aspects of the book jacket. Now select the font in which your book should be printed.

  • All cover versions in detail: Covers
  • All the design options for the book cover: Book jacket
  • An overview of all fonts: Fonts

Next, please give us your name, email address, and shipping address and payment type. You can enter a different person as the recipient if you want your present to be sent there directly.

After entering all the data you are shown an overview of everything you have entered. Please take the time to check this and if necessary make any adjustments. The order is not sent until you click "Send order" on the overview page.

Tip: You can access the summary page at the end of the ordering process again to check all the information and change if necessary.

Please contact us if you have any questions about ordering online.